A fight

He’s wrong. I’m not a crack. I don’t only exist to hurt people and ruin lives. I’m a human, and just because I make mistakes, doesn’t mean I’m broken.

I was walking home yesterday afternoon when something smashed into my back. I fell to the ground, knees slamming into the asphalt and sending a shock through my body. When I turned back and saw a faceless man in a suit behind me, I couldn’t understand it. Then I realized this man wasn’t tall, and he wasn’t faceless. He was just wearing dark fabric over his head.

Floyd laughed as he pulled off his mask and kicked me, sprawling me across the pavement. “What’s the matter, freak? Afraid of the big, bad Tall man? You’re fucking crazy.”

I tried to get back to my feet, but another kick to the ribs left me on the ground. I groaned as I looked up at his mocking face, “How do you even kno–”

“Come on, are you stupid? You used your real name on your blog, idiot. I just had to Google you, dumbass,” He laughed again as he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me up to look at him. “This is what you get for being such an asshole and beating on me and friends of mine.” His fist collided with my cheek and I nearly fell to the ground again.

Instead, I did what I always do in a fight like this. I lashed out. I reached down and grabbed his leg, tugging it out from under him. This time Floyd was the one on the ground. I held one ankle in my hands as I stepped on the other, pinning his leg to the ground. Running on pure anger and adrenaline, I started twisting on his ankle and pressing my foot down harder.

Then I saw the fear in his eyes as he whimpered and cried for me to stop. This time, for the first time, I did. I dropped his leg, and I walked out of the alley, leaving my attacker behind and barely harmed.

I am not a bad person. I’m not destined for anything. I made my decision in that alley to leave Floyd unharmed. I make my choices, and I make my life.

Tomorrow, I’ll go die fighting to prove that. It’s been a good run. To those of you who come after me, looking for hope as the Tall Man tells them that they have none, don’t despair. Don’t give in to what it says you are. Yes, that is a part of you, but it isn’t all of you. You’re human. You control your life. And maybe, someday, one of us will be able to take it back from him.

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