A reconciliation

My parents took me out for dinner tonight. For some families this wouldn’t be odd at all. However, my father is often tight with his money, so we rarely go out to eat. It’s even stranger when he lets me pick the restaurant.

We spoke over our dinner, and he finally said the words I’ve always wanted to here. I’m preparing to quite possibly go to my death, and this is the time he chooses to tell me that he accepts that I’m my own man. If this had happened at any other stage in my life, I’d consider it my greatest victory. Instead, it’s a single happy moment before I face a battle for my own existence.

He’s disappointed in my violent outrages. He thinks my beliefs are wrong. He doesn’t understand my sexuality, yet still he finally said that my choices are my own. I have never smiled more in the past month.

We went out for ice cream on the boardwalk afterward. I stood in line next to him as we waited to order. I looked up at where his eyes would be in defiance. He looked back, head tilted, before walking away.

I spent the rest of the night watching the sunset in peace with my family. If I fail against the Tall Man, at least I had this.

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