A nightmare

I wrote once before about the dream, which apparently comes to every victim. My dreams have only gotten worse as time has gone one, and I feel like they’ve finally escalated to their ending. Everything seems to be drawing itself to an end now. It’s almost eerie, how neatly all the strings are being tied up.

The dream starts out just as it did the first time I mentioned it. I’m in the city, and there’s no one else there. It’s just me, and the papers covered in “x” blowing down the streets. A shiver goes down my spine, and then the Tall Man’s tendrils appear. They work their way in and out of every building, every street, every piece of sidewalk, and every scrap of paper. I turn to run.

I’m suddenly in another part of the city, still being chased by the inky darkness. This time, however, there are people walking the streets. I’m shouting at them all to run, but they don’t even flinch as the tendrils approach. I shudder as I watch the tendrils puncture them as well. They’re everywhere, inside everything. I run faster.

I’m in the air, looking down at the city from above and quickly rising higher. The tendrils have fully consumed the city. I can see the county, and it’s completely entangled as well. Higher I go, and I see it consumes my state, my country. I am floating in space, and the earth is a mass of writhing tendrils. They are everywhere. They are inside everything, and they keep going, reaching out further into space. I awaken as they come for me.

There is no escape. It is everywhere.

At least, that’s what it wants its victims to believe with this assault on their mind. I refuse to fall into its traps. I refuse to believe that it envelops us all. I will not let it break me.

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