A theory

My last post was about the information I’ve managed to dig up so far. Between that post, the previous one on blogs, and the post about news articles, I feel I’ve gathered up more than enough information to build a theory. I’ve exhausted the supply of existing information, so now it’s my turn to leave something behind for anyone who follows.

It’s safe to say that the Tall Man is a being like nothing that’s been previously encountered. It is similar to the bogeymen of old. It snatches people, murders them in terrible ways, or breaks their minds by its mere presence. There’s no remorse, no pity, and no humanity. There is nothing but inevitability.

Everything about the Tall Man makes one’s mind reel away, refusing to acknowledge its existence. Yet, at the same time, you come to accept it as part of your universe shortly thereafter. It’s simultaneously impossible and yet completely natural.

Considering my upbringing, this combination of attributes brings to mind something that I find highly unlikely, yet must consider.

This is a creature, both illogical and logical. It is otherworldly. It claims to be making things right. It seems to target only those who commit or will supposedly commit evil acts. It operates under laws that cannot be understood. If I were a more religious man, I’d claim the Tall Man is an avenging angel.

This, however, is patently ridiculous. I cannot accept this possibility for one very simple reason: It means accepting my future demise.

Instead, I choose the theory that keeps my spirits high enough that I will join Nil and the others who disappeared rather than those who died, went mad, or were taken. I choose to believe the Tall Man is not an angel, but something pretending to be one. It manipulates, it destroys hope, it instills doubt and madness until finally it takes its prey with ease.

I don’t know where the Tall Man came from, why it plays this game, or how it does what it does. I know that I could be very wrong. Still, this is what I believe.

It’s what I must believe.

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