A week’s research

I’ve spent this week submerging myself in whatever I can find that might be related to the Tall Man. In particular, I’ve been reading more blogs. The more I read, the more of a consistent narrative seems to arise.

Someone has a negative effect on people around them. This person notices the Tall Man. They spend a period of time attempting to elude him. Some try to fight him. Some go mad. In the end, they all die, or simply stop updating.

I’m beginning to wonder about the ones that never have a finished story. They’re often the most optimistic of the bloggers. They make the choice to stand up. Their last posts are often hopeful goodbyes. Then, they never appear again.

What happens to them? Does he kill them? Does he take them?

Nil’s A Spot of Luck ended with him going over his plan to kill the Tall Man with another one of the being’s targets, Emily. Neither of them updated their blogs after that. Clearly his plan failed, or I wouldn’t be in this situation. Instead, I can only try and glean information from his tale.

Which is nothing. Nil’s story is just like the others, only more hopeful.

This is all I have after one week: Theories as to the Tall Man’s origins, ways to fight or flee him, and a curiosity about what happened to those who never updated again.

I’ve gotten all I can from those who came before. There’s only one place to go now.

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