A dream

One of the recurring themes of the Tall Man stories I’ve researched is that each of the people he’s appeared to have had the same dream shortly after first seeing him. I didn’t realize it was important at the time, but the story about the Milk Killer from the depression mentions part of her mad ravings describing something like what Matt from Still A Fool and Zack from Searching for Facts talk of in their blogs. I stopped reading A Spot of Luck just after Nil also had the dream. I just couldn’t stand to read the same thing happening yet again to a different person. Interestingly, A Perchance To Dream makes no mention of the dream. I take this as further evidence that Demitri was simply insane.

I had the same dream last night. I’ll keep it short since it’s already described in all the previous blogs: I’m in a large, modern city. I am walking through the deserted streets, scraps of paper with nonsense letters flying past me. A cold chill goes down my spine. I turned, and coming up behind me are black tendrils. They puncture everything, weaving their way in and out of buildings, streets, signs, and even the floating papers. I turn to run… And I awaken.

I don’t want this. I accept it’s happening to me, but I don’t want this. I never wanted this. I always wanted to be left alone. Instead, I have this thing watching me. It’s outside my window right now, standing by the tree in our backyard. It watches me without eyes. I just want it to go away. Why won’t he go away?

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