A set of blogs

Two years ago, “James” recorded his encounters with the Tall Man on Still A Fool. James came upon a journal that was written and drawn in by one of his friends, Matt. This friend was a soldier who swore that he had seen a huge, faceless man during the war in Iraq. Matt was later found dead in the forest with burn marks across his face, shoulder, and torso.

James found his friend’s journal, and inside was a whole host of disturbing entries. The descent into madness is clear, but one part sticks out at me. The final few entries make it very clear that Matt was concerned that his PTSD was going to lead to him doing something awful, but that he could overcome it if he just killed the Tall Man.

From what I can tell, James stopped updating Still A Fool after finishing uploading the pages from the journal. He hasn’t been heard from since.

Searching for Facts is the story of Zack Strahm, a police officer who came face to face with the Tall Man while investigating an unrelated series of crimes. At first, Zack believed the Tall Man was just another onlooker at a fresh murder scene, but when he continued to appear at them, the detective began to think he could be a suspect in the case coming back to see his victims. Thus, Zack and his partner Elizabeth began searching for more information.

Throughout the blog, you learn that Zack isn’t exactly the cleanest cop. He’s overly aggressive, more than willing to break rules to get certain types of jobs done, and then turns around and has under the table deals with drug dealers and mob bosses. As his investigation into the Tall Man continued, Zack only became more and more violent with the suspects of the murder spree. This lead to an altercation with an Alvin Conaghan that ended with Zack sending the man to the hospital with need for facial reconstructive surgery.

Zack was taken off the force. Elizabeth berated him for what he’d done, sending him into a depression and forcing him to re-evaluate himself. One month later, Zack disappeared after writing about how the Tall Man was outside and he was going to just let himself be taken rather than put Beth through anything else.

The most disturbing of the three blogs is easily A Perchance To Dream. I finally finished the blog last night and find myself despising the writer, who I once admired. Demetri was an apparently normal boy from Indiana. He had a number of mental issues, but he strived to overcome them. He had good friends, a girlfriend, a good job, an apartment to call his own. He had a seemingly perfect life, until his roommate died. And then his best friend and her husband. And then his girlfriend. And then his mother.

He began being cyberstalked by another user known as TheArsonist. This person was incredibly persistent that Demetri was withholding the truth, that there was more to be seen, that there was something missing from the story. Shortly after, Demetri started talking about how he’d seen the Tall Man since the start of the blog. He blamed everything on him.

This continued, until finally, Demetri’s brother posted. Richard didn’t know a thing about the faceless man his brother had scene, or about all the tall tales of parents in cults or insane spider people. Instead, Richard simply stated that his brother was found dead in his room, with a set of pictures around him. They were of Demetri himself murdering his roommate, his best friend, her husband, his girlfriend, his mother. A note, written in what Richard believed was Demetri’s own blood, said that he refused to let the Tall Man kill him, stop him, outdo him… so he was going to commit suicide rather than give him the chance.

There are still other blogs out there that I haven’t read, such as A Spot of Luck. However, they all seem to end the same. I refuse to believe I’m heading down the same path. Just because we only see the failures doesn’t mean there cannot be successes. I may be wrong. I may not survive this, but I will not give up. I will not simply follow the crowd that came before me into death, despair, and insanity.

I refuse to take that path. I will find another.

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