A meeting

I’ve looked the Tall Man in the face, or where he lacks one. There, amongst the various stuffed trophy kills that my father has out to display his works, stood the man who’d been haunting my mind and my dreams. He looked down at me, and I up at him. We stared at each other before he turned away, fading from my view as he did so.

I could have touched him, if I’d wanted. That was how close this thing was. I know it’s real now. I know it’s not just something lurking in the dark corners of my imagination being brought to life by some trick of my mind. Seeing it standing there before me, gently swaying back and forth in place, proved to me that all the stories are true. It was right there in my dad’s taxidermy workshop. It was merely feet away. It’s real. I know it’s real.

And yet nothing about this thing makes sense. It’s proportions are always changing, shifting. I know that it’s arms shortened while I was staring at it, and I swear it grew during that time as well. How did the Tall Man vanish like that? What manner of being is it?

The blogs put forward three theories. Still A Fool claims it is an eldritch thing, a force of chaos, that is beyond human comprehension. I disagree. Standing so close to it, feeling it’s presence so near to me, I did not feel chaos radiating from it. I did not feel as if I was in the audience of a schizophrenic this morning. I’d almost say I felt the opposite. It felt like I was standing before someone who knew precisely what they have done, were doing, and would be doing in the future.

Searching for Facts claims that the Tall Man is also of unknown origin, but here he is described less as an impossible abomination of chaos and more as a malevolent creature which plots out the demise of its victims. It stalks children before, eventually, making them disappear. Those who escape it in childhood, such as Zack, are hunted down later and meet the same fate. Again, being near the Tall Man, I must disagree. While I did feel danger in its presence, it didn’t feel like he was plotting my destruction.

I cannot trust A Perchance To Dream. Finding out the truth of the story through Rich’s later comments throws the entirety of the blog into doubt. However, it’s worth noting here that the Tall Man is a creature known as a “tulpa”. If Demitri’s mad ramblings are to be believed, he is a being made manifest by our own thoughts. We created the ultimate monster because our unconscious selves felt a need to be destroyed. This is nothing but insanity to me. We, as humans, are to overcome our strife, not destroy ourselves. There is no thanatos, no death drive. We learn. We excel. We prosper. This is not a creature of Freud.

None of these blogs feel to me like they are telling the correct story, especially now that I’ve had close contact with the Tall Man. Instead, it feels like there are bits and pieces of truth in each, and a far greater amount missing completely. I’m going to get to the bottom of this. I don’t care if the blogs say it’ll be the last thing I do. If that’s true, fine.

At least it means an escape from this so-called life.

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