A threat

As if this stupid Tall Man hallucination thing isn’t messing with me enough, now I have yet another issue to look forward to. Apparently, someone told a teacher about Floyd attacking me, which is why he hadn’t been around after school this last week. With today being the last day, he got out right at the same time as everyone else.

He made absolutely certain to be waiting outside as I left that hellish prison for the Summer. Floyd also made absolutely certain that I need to watch my back throughout the next three months because if he ever had the chance, he was going to give me more than a black eye. I just nodded. I didn’t bother to tell him I wasn’t the one who got him in trouble. I have no issues with Floyd, despite what he’s done to me. I’d rather keep my head down and get through things. So now someone else informed on him, and I get to deal with it anyways.

I’m not going to worry about him, though. I have more important, pressing matters. From what those articles I found in the old local newspapers, I’m not the only person who’s seen this… whatever this Tall Man is. I don’t particularly care what exactly he is: hallucination, space alien, ghost, abomination, or tax collector. What I care about is how all those stories ended: Badly.

Very badly.

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