A set of articles

In the early 1930’s, there was a young woman who used a shovel to kill two children who were waiting in line for milk given out at the local fire department. Before she was able to assault her next victim, she was tackled to the ground by the firefighter running the distribution.

When interviewed after the incident, the firefighter said that the killer was babbling the entire time about the faceless angel who was coming to take her away to the promised land. She continued to rant and rave while being restrained by the fireman. The woman was then arrested, and later sentenced to a life in a nearby sanitarium.

A man in 1968 killed himself, leaving behind a single cryptic suicide note. Ivan Miller, a veteran of the Vietnam War, died in his home from a shotgun wound to the head. He was unmarried, and neighbors spoke of how he’d often be seen muttering to himself about the war while constantly on alert.

The note was short. It spoke of how Ivan first saw the tall man in the jungles of ‘Nam, where he would whisper to the soldier from the edge of camp. He wrote it off as a trick of the enemy, until it followed him home. Ivan finished by saying that he didn’t want to be a danger to anyone, but he still didn’t trust the faceless man, so he would leave on his own terms. He was only twenty-one years old.

Steve Willis disappeared in September of 1991. The child, twelve at the time, was described by his parents as “a little hellion, but still our boy”. He often got in fights at school, which lead his family to believe he’d be safe from any potential predators. One of Steve’s teachers described the boy as “Intelligent, but with a wild imagination and a violent streak. I simply can’t imagine him just leaving with a stranger. He’d have known better, and he’d fight him off.”.

A witness believed he saw Steve at the local park that afternoon, conversing with a large, bald gentleman before the pair left. The last time his parents saw him was when he told them he was going out to said park to “play forever”. Steve Willis was never found.

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