A slender man

I still can’t make heads or tails over how no one else noticed a faceless man right in the middle of our church service. How the hell did everyone miss that? He was right there. He was faceless. He was at least eight feet tall and towered over everyone else in the congregation. He was too thin for his height, with his proportions coming out all wrong. How the hell did no one else notice?

I have a number of psychiatric problems, I’ll admit, but hallucinations have never been anything that my therapist has been worried about. I’m pretty damn confident what I saw this morning was real… so why am I the only one who noticed the man sitting three rows ahead of me who’s head stood out two feet higher than everyone sitting around him?

I just don’t understand. People are capable of immense stupidity at time, I’ll admit, but we aren’t normally blind to the glaringly obvious. He was right there and everyone else was too busy singing hymns and laughing at the pastor’s terrible jokes to notice.

I wish Cassia had been there today instead of being home sick. I’m sure she would have noticed him.

I’ve got to look into this. It’s pretty damn obvious that no one else is going to.

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