An artbook

Cassia is an amazing artist. She just… is.

I walked into youth group last night and she was sitting off in the corner with an art book. I went over and asked if I could see what her drawings. She blushed a little and then passed me the book.

A vast majority of it was just pretty normal drawings, but done very, very well. Cassia seems to enjoy drawing people. I recognized everyone in the youth group almost instantly as I made my way through the book. There were a few fantasy characters in there as well, and some animals and random still-life objects. Everything in Cassia’s book, no matter what the subject, was magnificent.

One of pictures that really caught my eye was this little self-portrait. It was her, the blonde bob and clothing instantly makes Cassia stand out, sitting the corner, drawing. It was exactly what she’d looked like as I walked in. I commented on this to her, and she shrugged and said something about drawing in the corner being something she usually does. I guess it’s her natural habitat, so it makes sense she’d draw herself where she feels the most comfortable.

The last drawing also stood out because it was so completely different from the others. It was a girl, standing alone with tears running down her face. She was holding a pencil to the side of her head like a suicidal person holds a gun. Paper lay scattered across the floor in front of her, tiny drawings of people on each one.  I asked Cassia what it meant. She said it was about how the life of an artist is one of tragedy, in which every piece of art stops living once it’s finished and it can no longer be improved on. The girl in the drawing wants to give up on art because she feels she’ll never get any better.

I asked Cassia if she felt that way about herself. She shook her head and said she knew she drew well. She wasn’t planning on giving it up anytime soon.

I’m glad. It would be a shame for such talent to go to waste.

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