A number

I never expected to actually use this phone to talk to people who aren’t family. My mom gave it to me earlier this year so I could keep in touch with them when I go out on my own. She’s protective, but she’s also sweet. She has to be, really. I love my mom, despite how she lets my father treat us at times.

I went to youth group yesterday and did what I always do: watch people. That sounds creepy, but I just find people so interesting. We’re capable of so much: good and evil, wonderful and pathetic. This time around, though, I had a partner. Cassia joined me in my spot, leaning against the wall, and we started whispering banter back and forth about the members of the group.

Ryan and Donnie harassed Susie, but for once the youth minister was paying attention and got them both to back off. Cassia noticed the condom wrapper in Justin’s back pocket, which happened to disappear thirty minutes later. The sheer humor of the situation only grew when Justin talked about his intention to get his girlfriend a purity ring. Speaking of Samantha, I caught her smoking outside and could only shake my head. This youth group is a pit.

And then the minister starts going on about how the group is supposed to be a light in the world, and we should go and shine in the darkest of places. How blind must he be to not realize his own charges are exactly the sort of people he wants to have evangelized? I am amazed.

After youth group, I asked Cassia if she was a Christian. She started trying to avoid the question, so I let her know that I was openly Deist and I wouldn’t judge either way. Still, she said she wasn’t comfortable talking about it just yet. I’m totally alright with that. She’ll decide if or when she wants to talk about it when it’s right for her.

She did, however, give me her phone number so we could keep talking outside church events. Been texting her on and off the past two days about the stupid things happening around me at school and such. Turns out she goes to public school and it’s even worse there. She gets picked on just as much as I do. It sickens me. Our country was built upon acceptance and the dignity of the individual. Now, our society degrades people for no reason other than they want too.

We have to start doing things differently. We have to make a choice, or else we’re just going to tear ourselves apart.

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