A ramble

Cassia talked to me after church this morning. We both laughed at the inanity of “praying for our representatives in the government” or whatever exactly the preacher went on about today. I have no issue with people believing what they wish, but prayers? Prayers are not going to help solve any of the problems our government faces. We need action.

Too many people sit around passively waiting for the universe to get better around them. I’m aware that I do this as well, and how hypocritical that makes me. Still, it’s worth pointing out. No amount of wishful thinking or prayer or handwringing is going to fix a problem. Our society has become too entitled and too numb to what is going on around it. We have become accustomed to order. We’re used to this great machine’s wheels continuing to turn without our attention. What people do not realize is that the machine requires maintenance or else it will eventually devolve into chaos.

Yes, I believe that everything works out in the end. Yes, I believe the universe takes care of itself, but we are a part of that universe and its overarching plan. We have to stand up and handle things. Society cannot continue to sleepwalk through the reality that is around it. In our personal and public lives, we citizens need to become active. We do not need to sit around in churches praying for a bunch of politicians to not make the same mistakes our country has been making for decades. We can do this. We can make the world a better place, just not through passively waiting for it to get better. We have to act. If we do, we can do anything.

I just realized I have no idea what Cassia even believes. I should ask her on Wednesday.

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