A talk

I actually talked to someone new today. I didn’t really go to youth group expecting to really do that. It just sorta happened. And it was nice. I actually enjoyed talking to Cassia, which I really was not expecting one bit. Just further evidence that there is a universal order, in my opinion. I need someone to talk to, and I’m provided one. Things work out.

She’s the one who broke the ice. This week’s stupid youth group game was basketball. I cannot understand how this church can possibly think that having installed a damn basketball court inside their building was a good use of “God’s money”. They say it’s “outreach”, that people will come in to play on the court and then they can be evangelized. I can only shake my head. The only ones I’ve ever seen come in to play are church members and their friends. I really doubt anyone is going to walk into a church to play basketball and be preached too. Who knows what sort of good use that money could have gone to? It could have fed children. It could have helped the sick. Instead, it goes to letting a bunch of kids play basketball at youth group.

I was purposefully avoiding getting truly involved in the game. No one really cared. I’ve already made myself an outcast by being outspokenly non-Christian. Apparently Cassia noticed that she wasn’t the only one not playing, came over, and started talking about how awful she was at basketball. I kinda laughed and said I was too.

After that, we both just talked about… nothing, really. Cassia and I just laughed at ourselves and the other people in the youth group and situations we found ourselves in. We actually have quite a bit in common. Mostly, neither of us wanted to be there and our parents made us go. I was actually the first person Cassia had been able to get along with since moving into town a few months before. I do find it funny that the shy, awkward kid that is me is her first real contact here… I guess that’s just the strange order of the universe, though.

I gotta get some sleep before school tomorrow.

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